I used to be a regular visitor to you guys and trust me I miss the quality care. I now live in Alberta, I have tried other chiropractors in the area and I have to say they do not live up to the care Dr. Frederick D.C. gave to his people. Thank you and to all the staff and doctors at Meadowood. You guys and gals have set the bar high. I have yet to find anything that compares even close. Thank you. 100% I have never had a negative experience with Dr. Frederick D.C.

-Jag D.

Chronic back pain has been a way of life for me. Once I began seeing Dr. Frederick D.C., he has helped me deal with it much better. He started off slowly and courteously and listened closely to how my body was responding. Now many years later, I still come for adjustments but not dealing with the pain I once was. Thank you Dr. Frederick D.C. for adjusting me differently as my body needs. I just started seeing Sharon Pearson for massages that are FABULOUS. I should have started seeing her years ago.

-Marnie H.

I have been coming to this office for about 1 year now, I am a long time chiropractic patient. Chiropractic gives me relief and flexibility that no other has been able to do for me. I suffer from lower back aches of a pinched nerve at times. They are lovely, all the staff and Dr. France is fabulous, as well as Dr. Frederick D.C. They are very approachable and they listen to your condition, aches and pains.

-Happy& Satisfied Patient – Lise

I just love coming here to see the Doctor and also to chat with the CAs. They all make you feel at home. Dr. Frederick D.C. is a great guy. He takes good care of me & so does Dr. France. They are both good to me. Thanks a lot!


Dr. Frederick D.C. is wonderful. He has helped my son & me with all our aches and pains! His spirituality is very apparent. Thank you!

-G. Johnson

I came to see Dr. France after hearing about her from a friend. It wasn’t just advertising! I have felt so much better in a short period of time. She is so caring and takes the time to listen and make sure you are comfortable. The staff is great too. It is very relaxing to come here! Thank you!

-Lori- Satisfied Patient

As an active biker and soccer player, I have had major difficulties with my lower back. Usually after sports, I would have challenges walking. As a result of Dr. Frederick’s D.C. professional help, I can walk and am much more flexible and I enjoy many more sports.

-Dieter S.

As a longtime patient of Dr. Frederick D.C. and even his predecessor Dr. Bob, I look forward to getting my adjustments weekly. I have been blessed with good health and drug free life since my involvement with chiropractic care. The positive attitude promoted by this office’s staff is contagious.

-G. Boulley

It all started when I went to the dentist to have a root canal done. After a week I could not eat I was sore and cannot chew anything. I suddenly thought I might have dislocated my jaw that’s when I decided to see a chiropractor to find out. I went online to book for the nearest Chiropractic Centre to our place and found Meadowood Family Chiropractic. I called and booked an appointment to see one of the doctors. I did an x-ray, scan and other body assessment. I then started to see her twice a week for my jaw issue but she also did some adjustment throughout my body and I believe it’s the smartest decision I made in my life. I used to have severe headaches almost every day and I had menstrual cramps and severe back pain. I have been seeing a Professional for more than 2 months now and I no longer get headaches and my cramps went away. My back pain is slowly going away as well. My jaw issue is almost resolved. I recommended my spouse and my daughter to see her too as they have their own health issues as well. They are now seeing my Dr. and slowly getting better. This tremendous wellness we get from seeing a chiropractor is amazing. On behalf of my family a big thank you to the Team and the rest of the staff at Meadowood Family Chiropractic for everything they have done for the wellness of my family.


In 2000 I injured my back in a snowmobile collision. Since that day, I have suffered from lower back pain. Shortly thereafter I began receiving chiropractic treatment. There were days that my back pain was so intense I couldn’t get up from the floor. Now that I receive routine check-ups I am able to live a pain free life not like before. Without chiropractic care I wouldn’t be able to move.

I was told by my physician I would probably need a cortisone injection for the problem with my one knee. I started to see Dr. Frederick D.C. and he has been adjusting me and also working on my knee. The knee is feeling so much better and I have avoided getting the shots. Office staff is really friendly & always acknowledge everyone who enters!


Having surgery over 20 years ago and never stepping without pain was impossible. Only 4 months with Dr. Fred I am walking much better and very little pain. Thank you very much! Life is so much better.

-Annie O.

It was the norm for me to have 4 sinus infections a year. Now since seeing Dr. Frederick D.C., I have one a year. This has made such a difference in my life and I am forever grateful. My husband and 4 children are also patients. We have all felt the benefit of chiropractic care. All of my kids are coming to the office. After a minor car accident my daughter came frequently and found it very helpful. She uses a chiropractic pillow and takes it with her everywhere she travels, she loves it. Sports injuries for my son have been worked through as well.

-Andrea A.

I somehow damaged a disk recently and over the last month I saw three doctors & was prescribed 4 different medications with no improvement whatsoever. I was in constant pain to the point where I could not work, sit, or lay down. I had not slept in over a week. I have seen Dr. Frederick D.C. 3 times now (and was very skeptical) but now my pain has been drastically reduced to the point that I only noticed it at certain times of the day. I am now a believer. Thank you!

-Sean D.

In 2006 I reluctantly came here. I rolled my eyes when it was recommended. However, I had no other choice. Nothing else would help. My spine had compensated for a leg length difference for 40 + years as a result of a car accident. The stress of my life pressures caused much strain on my body. There were few times of stress relief and so my body responded by not functioning – tremendous pain and lack of mobility! Dr. Frederick D.C. was my salvation. During 3 weeks, I went from tremendous pain and immobility to no pain and mobility- without medication. I come here willingly now. I have learned to listen to my body and to read signs.

-Sandra S.

From my long history of sports injuries due to my automobile accident, Dr. Frederick D.C. has helped me maintain my exceptional physical condition and I can’t thank him enough. He has attributed to my success in making the provincial football team. Thank you!

-Ethan C.